A Nice Day For A Walk To The End

A Nice Day For A Walk To The End

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Have you ever wondered while you stare at your computer screen, if there is something more out there waiting to be discovered? As you open yet another email of cat pictures from your grandma or co-worker, and had a nice chuckle that slowly turned into a single tear rolling down your cheek, as you contemplated the endless void of the black universe? Well Matthew wondered such things, and decided to change the direction of his life in pursuit of a larger truth. What did he find? Well you can watch this film and hopefully find out.

A film by:
Sean Pecknold & Matt Daniels

Written by:
Sean Pecknold

Music by:
Robin Pecknold, Neal Morgan,
& Morgan Henderson

Cinematography by:
Matt Daniels

Iceland Producer:
Osk Gunnlaugsdottir

Sound Operator:
Christopher Westby

Alina Hardin

Animation by:
Ori Toor & Sean Pecknold

Website by:

*This film was written one night on a bar napkin in Berlin. Filming took place during one week in Berlin & Iceland. Restrictions guided the process, all crew and cast were found using the internet, and we weren’t allowed to shoot anything after our trip ended. The result is strange and might not make sense but we thought it worth sharing. Enjoy, and get out there and make something.

The answer is inside of you. Purring is meditation. Hang in there. You knew all along. It doesn’t have to mean anything. Believe in yourself. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Don’t ever give up. Have you come seeking answers? You’ve known all along. Perhaps you should leave. If you turn around in a circle, there you are. Infinity is a strange concept. It smells like salt water. Do you believe that I exist? What came before the big bang? Love. Be. Repeat. Question everything. Take the road less traveled. Explore. Gaze into my eyes and believe. I’d like to have a nice chair someday. Why are you crying? The best days are yet to come. I like milk. I created the universe. Did I create the universe? Should I create another universe? It’ll be alright. From here, things can only get better.